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FOREX Strategy “New Method Sidus”

To perform trading using this new method is more convenient to choose the time interval of 1 hour, but the strategy works H4 intervals (4 hours) Before studying this strategy I recommend to memorize the previous version traiding forex strategy ‘Sidus Method’ For a chart of any currency pair we have to apply the following FOREX […]

A Trader … Sorted

How to be a successful Broker? A simple question that emerges from her thousands and why not a million answers maybe. And I’m more than sure that you, my dear readers have read thousands of tips, quotes, entire books looking for answer to this question. Do they think I’m a simplistic if they offer the only advice to […]

What is the Producer Price Index (PPI)?

Another common indicator in the economic calendar that is used for the fundamental method is (IPP) or Producer Price Index is an inflationary indicator that calculates the average change in selling prices for local producers of goods and services a country. The Producer Price Index calculated from price changes in vendor analysis.This index comprises three production sites: […]

Forex Glossary

Here I offer some terms in Forex you may know or not, in the forex market I know that most were already addressed on this page but here are to refresh her memory: First In First Out (FIFO) - refers to the order backlog are settled. The first orders for settlement are the first to open in […]

Useful Questions How to take advantage of a bullish divergence?

The divergence can be bullish or bearish. Bullish Divergence refers to when the price of a currency pair reaches a new low while the indicator fails to establish a new low. Bearish divergence occurs when price makes a new high but the indicator remains below the previous record. The price differences on technical indicators often shown as […]

Forex Glossary (Part Two)

Following this small dictionary about Forex, remember that many more of these topics explained in more detail, we can find here in One Cancels Other (OCO) - Two orders placed simultaneously with instructions to cancel the second order of execution of the first not to be realized. Open position - this is when there is an active […]

What are Eurobonds?

Now more often than before they were in the news about the European debt crisis on Eurobonds good I’ll try to explain a little of that left untreated, these are bonds that pay ie some non-variable rate issued by a public or private capital market of another country, may be this in the same or […]

The stop loss on our strategy

Recently, using a strategy in which I am working, I decided to change the version of my stop loss doing this for a wider range, hoping they could be more likely to gain making it more flexible and making it more entries are accepted as gains in If my investment only download a certain extent, […]

Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Simple Moving Average (SMA) is one of the easiest to use as indicators of Technical Analysis for Forex trading. SMA indicates that the average price (opening / closing) a certain period of time, where each of the periods chosen has the same weight for the average. The mathematics behind SMA is simple. For example, let’s say you […]

Forex Coverage (“hedge”)

There are a number of Forex broker, I dare say even the majority, which allow customers to implement what is commonly known as “coverage” in the currency market. What this means to allow customers to open both long and short positions in the same currency pair at the same time. Other traders, however, their positions are automatically […]